RATT is Ready to Roll in the UK

RATT is gearing up to head to the United Kingdom and we’re very excited to see our fans abroad! It’s been sometime since we’ve been there and we can’t wait to bring some RATT -n- Roll to our friends across the pond.

RATT in Houston, TX

Our first stop takes us to the 10th Anniversary of the Hard Rock Hell festival in North Wales. It’s an honor to be a part of this event, as the community decides upon the genres.

RATT Drummer Bobby Blotzer

“We’re quite excited to bring the new generation of RATT to the UK where the fans can truly hear the way RATT sounds on records live,” drummer Bobby Blotzer said. “We pride ourselves in providing a live show with RATT music and preserving its integrity.”


RATT Singer Joshua Alan

Hard Rock Hell begins on November 9th, and we hit the stage on the 12th, the last day of the festival. Other bands included on the roster are Vixen, Last In Line, Molly Hatchet, and many more. It’s going to be a great time! If you don’t have your tickets yet, make sure to head on over and get them here.

Bobby has a lot in store for the fans. “Everything will be a surprise because the show lineup is so much better than they’re used to seeing.”

From North Wales, we’re heading south to London, England, where we’re performing at the Islington O2 Academy on the 13th.

“I’m looking forward to the drive between the cities and seeing the gorgeous country-side,” Bobby stated. “And eating loads of Indian food. I want to sweat, thank you!”

Opening for us will be Rock Goddess and Airrace. It’s a gorgeous venue, and we really look forward to being there and bringing some rockin’ music to the Londoners. Make sure to come out and see us. Tickets are found here.

RATT Bassist Brad Lang   RATT Guitarist Mitch Perry   RATT Guitarist Stacey Blades  

For fans who are wondering if RATT will return to the UK or Europe, no worries. “These two isolated plays in Wales and London are by design. The purpose is to introduce the new generation of RATT to the fans and to the media, along with our great live booking agent Mr. Steve Strange from X-ray Touring. We look to see having RATT attend festival plays throughout the UK and the rest of Europe next spring forward.”

Keep checking back here on rattwebsite.com for tour dates, and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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